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Human Resources

General Overview of the School of Engineering

The School educates approximately 15% of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Aristotle University using about 16% of teachers and other staff. This training is provided using about 20% of the regular budget, while compressed to about 10% of the total surface of AUTH. Thus, the School uses about 15% of the total “available stock” of Aristotle, and has a disproportionately high level of performance in research, with more than 30% share of the overall competitive research inputs from national sources and more than 50% on inputs from international sources.


Human resources

The School serves: 15.5% of total faculty members and • 17.7% of the total servant of Aristotle The average age is 53.3 years (mean = 52.7 AUTH), which makes the School 3rd in a row more “aging” faculty (after Medicine and Agriculture) in AUTH It should also be noted that the lack of faculty members is covered in some sections, partly by contract (through contracts with the Research Committee) teachers.