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In their efforts to render more effective the educational and research work of the students, the Schools of the Faculty of Engineering have created very extensive, updated libraries. Students have access to a wealth of material, both in printed and electronic form. Apart from the bibliography which exceeds 60,000 papers, students can also consult hundreds of journals and articles. Furthermore, they can also study diploma theses and doctoral dissertations that have been submitted by former students. Free access to subscription electronic information sources is ensured with the cooperation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki which provides the necessary use permits to all Libraries. The number of titles available is only indicative, given the fact that new deliveries are made at regular intervals, and periodical and electronic publications are not taken into account.

Where the Libraries are

1. Co-located Libraries - Schools of: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Spacial Planning and Development

1.a. Library of the School of Civil Engineering

1.b. Library of the School of Mechanical Engeeniring

1.c. Library of the School of Chemical Engineering

1.d. Library of the School of Planning and Development

2. Library of the School of Architecture

3. Library of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering

4.Library of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

5. Library of the School of Engineering


Students and members of the Teaching-Research staff acquire access to the Libraries based on their identity. All users’ accounts are monitored through their membership card using electronic media; the card also enables users to borrow material from all AUTH libraries.

For more information visit the website http://www.lib.auth.gr/en.