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Parking Spaces

There are a limited number of parking spaces at the Faculty of Engineering, for the employees and students between the various buildings. In order to control incoming traffic, a special sign is provided by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Engineering. However, due to the limited space available, and in order to minimize atmospheric pollution in the city centre, it is recommended that you choose to travel to and from the Faculty of Engineering by public transport.

In order to acquire a parking sign, it is necessary to procure the following documents to the Dean’s Office:

  • Photocopy of I.D.
  • Photocopy of vehicle license and
  • To complete the form provided below

Dean’s Office hours for the submission of applications and for collecting signs are from 11:30 to 13:00 daily.

  • Only the full-time Faculty staff has right of access to areas A and Β (by remote control).
  • Postgraduate students and contract staff, according to the lists sent to the Dean’s Office by the Schools, have access to B areas (by remote control).
  • Undergraduate students have access to area C (where they are requested to show the guard relevant proof of study).
  • From now onwards, parking in area D will not be allowed.

With the agreement of the Rector’s Office, the sliding doors to areas B and C will remain open from 3 to 10 pm. If someone is late in removing their car and does not have a remote control, then they must contact the janitor of the Administration building (9-6928 και 9-6929) who can open the doors.

For more information, please call 2310 99 6187